Cheese Scones

Scones always seem like a simple baking project, how hard could they really be? However so often you end up with dense, dry scones that just don’t satisfy on any level. Using my pastry knowledge and having a chat with the local scone expert (my grandma) I have come to the conclusion that over mixing is the easiest way to destroy a batch of scones.

I must admit I almost never bake scones, whilst I love eating the plain ones with jam and cream and the savoury heated up with a good spread of butter on them, Grandma makes the best scones so I just head over there to enjoy light fluffy scones.

Cheese Scones - PhD Baker

Cheese scones seemed like a good idea yesterday, I didn’t have anything else for lunch and was popping out to work in the afternoon and figured they would be a welcome afternoon tea. Filled with plenty of cheese, herbs and spices they make an excellent meal straight out of the oven and were even enjoyed for breakfast today by Dr B.

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Raspberry Compote and Chocolate Ganache Swirl Brownies

Left overs can be a very bad thing. It’s hard to waste food but after it has been nicely packaged away it slowly crawls towards to the back of the fridge and is not seen again until it’s far too late! This baking experiment came about after a wedding cake job, I had left over chocolate ganache and raspberry compote and they were too delicious to be left to the deepest darkest corner of the fridge. Normally the obvious choice would be cupcakes filled with raspberry compote and topped with a whipped chocolate ganache but I really wanted brownie 😛

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Vanilla Bean Custard and Raspberry Tarts

My husband loves custard. He is happy with all varieties, the kind made from custard powder, the one out of the box from the supermarket and most recently the home-made custard that I made for these tarts. I must admit that the reason for baking these tarts resulted from a catering job that I did for a friends wedding, she wanted custard tarts and knew that time was short that week and suggested using her favourite brand of boxed vanilla custard. It was delicious but as soon as I had time I needed to prove to myself that I could make something just as good (if not better) from scratch. I am weird like that but I don’t think Dr B minded too much 😛

I adapted Annabel Lainbein’s custard recipe to make it slightly thicker so that it would hold its shape in the tarts. Custard is really easy to make as long as you continue stirring the pot and keep the eggs from scrambling. Once it’s made you can eat it hot from the bowl, cool it for tarts or turn it into some delicious ice cream! (It can also be made gluten free, use cornflour instead of flour.)

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