Oreo Cupcakes

Let’s bake with Oreos again. I have already spoken about my preference for Canadian Oreos when I made these brownies. I usually like to core my cupcakes and fill them with a little surprise when you get to the middle but I have to be honest and say I couldn’t come up with any brilliant ideas to fill these cupcakes with. Instead I decided to channel the idea of an Oreo cheesecake and folded in small chunks of cream cheese into the cupcake batter to give them little pockets of extra creaminess.

The frosting was described by one taste tester as almost an Oreo mousse, it is very light and fluffy with Oreo crumbles mixed in so that it’s texture is still pretty smooth. Oreo Cupcakes - PhD Baker Continue reading

Carrot Cake with Maple Syrup Brown Sugar Frosting

It was time to bake for my sister again. Whenever she is on morning tea at school I get to do some fun baking to send in with her. This suits both of us as I love to have an excuse to bake and she isn’t the biggest fan of baking (this may be my fault as in our youth when we would bake all I would let her do was grease the pans……)

This morning tea was for the birthday of one of her colleagues and a carrot cake had been requested. I never used to be a fan of carrot cake, probably due to my childhood views that vegetables didn’t belong in baking. I am obviously over that now, see here and here for proof. Carrot cake takes many forms, some have walnuts and raisins in them, some are dense and moist while others are light and fluffy. My favourite recipe is for a walnut and raisin free, slightly on the dense side very moist cake. I always add more carrot than recipes call for which definitely helps to keep the cake from being dry. While the cake itself is great the real beauty of the recipe has to be the frosting (I am not normally the biggest fan of frosting, it of course has it’s place but I am rarely found eating it by the spoonful, this frosting is the exception). While a plain cream cheese or lemon frosting is great on carrot cake I find that this cream cheese, maple syrup and brown sugar frosting is a match made in heaven.

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Oreo Cheesecake Swirl Brownie

Cheesecake and Oreos are one of those matches made in heaven. The smooth creamy cheesecake texture works so well with the crunchy chunks of oreo cookies and their fairly subtle chocolate flavour. Brownies are also a pretty tasty thing and sometimes when you put two good things together you get something great. So why not take a brownie base, cover it in a cheesecake layer and swirl it all together to make something delicious?

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