Feijoa Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Well I’m back. Not at 100% yet but I have completed my first solo baking project which is a very good sign. I always knew it would take a little while to get back into the kitchen after having a baby but seeing as nothing went to plan at the end of this pregnancy it certainly took much longer than expected.

Our little girl was very well behaved while these cupcakes were being made. She loves noise so she and the kitchen aid will be good friends. She would start to stir every time I turned the mixer off (hoping this will be a good thing as I continue to recover and can do more and more baking.)

Feijoa Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

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Where has Emma gone?

Dear Readers,

I’m sure it hasn’t gone unnoticed that recently there have been no new posts. Please do not worry, Emma has not disappeared completely and most certainly does intend to return to the world of baking and blogging as soon as she can.

What happened? Well the baby came, a beautiful healthy baby girl who I am sure will grow up baking with Emma from the moment she can be helpful in the kitchen. The unfortunate side to this story is that there were some complications surrounding the birth and Emma has had a prolonged stay in hospital. Obviously this has meant she has not been able to bake and without baking there is no posting. Normally I would step in and create something mediocre to write about but as I am currently playing solo parent to a newborn and 8 year old there has been no time.

We are hoping that when Emma gets home she will, with assistance, be able to get back to where she loves to be. The post rate may be slower for a wee while but the quality will not suffer. So for those of you who have loved what you have seen, please check back regularly or subscribe to receive a notification when a new post appears.

Thank you all for being such loyal readers, we hope to provide more interesting and informative content in the future.