Cocoa Banana Brownies

Some are born baking, some achieve baking and some have baking thrust upon them. This week the baking was thrust upon me due to the mountain of bananas I was gifted 🙂

However I wasn’t in the mood for banana bread or muffins. I really wanted to do something a little different with them. I had been craving brownies since one of the ladies at our church made delicious ones for morning tea a few weeks back and had been planning to make the salted caramel swirl brownies. However I didn’t have salted caramel, I had bananas. (Yes we all know that is a lie, of course I have not one but two jars of salted caramel in the fridge but they won’t go rotten and the bananas will so the choice was made).

Searching google and pinterest for banana chocolate brownies didn’t inspire me. A lot were layered, brownie on the bottom and banana cake on top or were light on the chocolate or cocoa and I was really craving a dark rich cocoa flavour, light on the sugar with a good hit of banana coming through.

Thankfully brownies have recipes that are easily messed with. As long as you have your butter, eggs, sugar and little bit of flour they tend to be quite forgiving with the amount of cocoa or chocolate and extras that you might want to add.

Cocoa Banana Brownies

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