Zesty Orange Syrup Cake

We have a citrus tree that has fruit on it all year round. We still aren’t quite sure if it is an orange, grapefruit or some other unidentified citrus so lets just call them oranges. They make great freshly squeezed juice and are also excellent in cakes.

Citrus syrup cakes are great because you can’t really ruin them, even if they get left in the oven a bit long you pour syrup over it and end up with the most delicious moist cake. In true PhD baker form I like to take it a step further and drizzle a citrus glaze over the top. It adds a little crunch and even more citrus zing to the cake.

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Ginger and Treacle Crunch

Ginger is one of those great flavours that can warm you right up. Ginger crunch is that slice that you expect at almost any afternoon tea here in NZ. Everyone has their own personal favourite, some with crystallised ginger through the topping, some with a thick buttery biscuit base, others that have just enough base to serve as support for a mountain of creamy ginger topping and even these new refined sugar free, grain free versions (obviously I am not so worried about the refined sugar and gluten :P)

For the longest time I have been the one to double or even triple the ginger icing topping however I have thinking about the fact that sometimes less can be more and I have come up with what I think is a pretty good compromise.

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Churro waffle ice cream sandwiches

Doughnuts and ice cream, it’s kind of a dream come true. Churros are some of the easiest doughnuts to make. No need to let them rise, you can pipe them straight out of a piping bag and into the hot oil and be enjoying crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside cinnamony goodness a few minutes later.

No need to deep fry these doughnuts, we are breaking out the waffle iron again.

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