Welcome to PhD Baker. Baking has always been a special part of my life and my all time favourite recipe is still the chocolate chip cookies that mum taught me to bake when I was only 5 years old. My step daughter loves them too and has been able to make them all by herself since she was 5 as well.

Over the years baking has become a good friend. I have spent the last 5 years in a research lab working towards a PhD and anyone who knows someone working in the academic research field knows that life is full of emotional ups and downs, moments of amazing breakthroughs and weeks of walking through the deep dark valley of not nice things! The kitchen has become my happy place, a safe haven where delicious treats are dreamed up and brought to life. Not only does it bring happiness into the house but it is something that is so easily shared with friends and family and brightens bad work days and livens up any gathering.

I love to share my creations, not only for the benefit of the waistline but because the faster they are consumed the sooner I have an excuse to try something new. Thankfully I have many groups of willing taste testers in my life who are always wonderfully obliging when it comes to making baked goods disappear. These people have also become my inspiration and often come up with new challenges or find new recipes to try (it’s never a short list but I love to add to it).

With baking I find that it is important to not be scared of trying out crazy flavour combinations or recipes that seem complicated. Taking from the more scientific part of my life I like to break things down into smaller parts and individual more manageable steps. Also never be afraid of research, google is your friend. When trying something new just look up several variations, look for online tutorials and don’t be afraid to mix and match if you think it will work together better. Keep notes, take pictures and learn from every experiment.

I love all things sweet and dessert is always welcome in this house. I hope to share some of my kitchen adventures with you all and encourage you in your own baking.

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