Buttermilk Scones with Mascarpone Whipped Cream and Jam

Lets keep things short, just like this recipe. Scones are the best thing to make when you have that last minute panic of “I am supposed to take something and forgot” less than an hour before you are supposed to go out (or are expecting people soon). Perfect at any time of day and great for the kids and adults.

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Blueberry Banana Buttermilk Pancakes

I don’t know about you but I love breakfast. Even just a big bowl of Sultana Bran and I am a happy girl. Breakfast has always been a special meal for me. When I was a little girl my dad used to get up early to leave for work and let mum sleep in a little while she was pregnant with my little brother. He would make us each a bowl of Sultana Bran and then let me ‘sneak’ all the sultanas from his bowl. I thought I was being extremely clever but of course I understand now that it was just him being a great dad. As the years went on we would love the nights that dad was on dinner duty because he would often cook up his speciality “Breakfast for Dinner”. Whether it was bacon and eggs, pancakes or french toast the novelty never grew old (in fact at age 27 I still love going back home for family dinner nights where dad will still do this).

Breakfast in our household is often rushed, trying to get kid and adults out the door for school and work but on the weekends I am often asked by Dr B and the little Miss what I will be cooking them for breakfast. We love having cooked breakfasts and they have made sure I have all the tools I need to prepare tasty Saturday morning meals. For one birthday and Christmas they got me the biggest and best Belgian waffle iron you could find in New Zealand, you see you need those big deep wholes to fill up with real Canadian maple syrup! Crepes, waffles, french toast and pancakes are the favourites and we are always coming up with new flavours and additions to keep them exciting.

Since it is blueberry week we of course had to have breakfast that included blueberries. Dr B had just started his new job and to celebrate I got up early on Tuesday morning to prepare our favourite buttermilk pancakes.

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