Cherry and Custard Danishes

I am a planner. I love knowing ahead of time exactly how things will go and to make sure I have everything organised. When it comes to dreaming up ideas to bake I like to have the idea fully formed, go to the supermarket to make sure I have everything I need and then begin. This time I did everything the wrong way around. It started with these.

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Vanilla Bean Custard and Raspberry Tarts

My husband loves custard. He is happy with all varieties, the kind made from custard powder, the one out of the box from the supermarket and most recently the home-made custard that I made for these tarts. I must admit that the reason for baking these tarts resulted from a catering job that I did for a friends wedding, she wanted custard tarts and knew that time was short that week and suggested using her favourite brand of boxed vanilla custard. It was delicious but as soon as I had time I needed to prove to myself that I could make something just as good (if not better) from scratch. I am weird like that but I don’t think Dr B minded too much 😛

I adapted Annabel Lainbein’s custard recipe to make it slightly thicker so that it would hold its shape in the tarts. Custard is really easy to make as long as you continue stirring the pot and keep the eggs from scrambling. Once it’s made you can eat it hot from the bowl, cool it for tarts or turn it into some delicious ice cream! (It can also be made gluten free, use cornflour instead of flour.)

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