Dark Chocolate Guinness Tart with Mascarpone Whipped Cream

While Dr B will happily drink a pint of Guinness I must confess that I much prefer it baked into some form of sweet treat. Sacrilegious I know but there it is. This tart combines some lovely dark and bitter notes with a light, fluffy and sweet mascarpone whipped cream which turns out to be the perfect balance. It was one of those moments where trying each element individually had me worried that my flavours were all slightly off but that first forkful of dessert proved me wrong.

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Baked Guinness Chocolate Doughnuts with Bailey’s Glaze and Whiskey Ganache Drizzle

I seem to be a sucker for punishment. Keep getting inspired for St Patrick’s Day recipes but can’t enjoy them for myself 😛 Good thing Dr B works with lots of nice people who happily eat all the samples he takes in.

After making these cupcakes I realised that the flavour combination would work well in doughnuts. While fried doughnuts would have been amazing I deep fried cinnamon rolls recently (will share the recipe in the next few weeks) so I just couldn’t let myself get out the oil again.

Baked doughnuts are still delicious and can be made as muffins if you don’t have a doughnut pan. Plus there is the added bonus that you can pretend they are healthier as they are baked not fried.

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