Brown Sugar, Browned Butter Twice Baked Shortbread

Christmas is just around the corner and I love Christmas baking. I spend the whole year looking for great baking ideas to do in the weeks leading up to my favourite holiday. I should probably live in North America still as cooking in the hot New Zealand summer is not always the smartest idea (especially this year while pregnant) but the results are always worth it. I remember baking gingerbread houses and Christmas cookies with Mom while growing up and the chocolate truffles that she made every year (every year until the dog managed to get them while we were out ice skating…the dog was fine but mum never made those truffles again).

I plan to break out the ever popular candy cane chocolate chip cookies in the next couple of weeks but I have kicked off Christmas baking season with a great shortbread recipe. Shortbread has that crumbly, melt in your mouth texture and goes so well with a cup of tea or coffee. I wanted to play around with the standard mix of butter, white sugar and flour to see what flavour profile could be achieved while maintaining the classic shortbread texture. Aiming for a caramelised and salty flavour I decided to use browned (or burnt) butter and replace the white sugar with brown sugar.

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