Fresh Strawberry Waffles

So I thought things could get much better than these French cruller waffles. Super light and fluffy waffles with a crisp crunch that are just begging to be topped with all sorts of delicious things. We love waffles here but often find them so heavy that after one or two you feel like you need to be rolled away from the table (in all fairness this could also be due to the fact that I had to have a Belgium style waffle maker that makes beautifully deep waffles). I realised as I was making a huge batch of waffles for the last morning of our recent family holiday that I hadn’t even bothered making any other waffle recipe since coming up with the cruller waffles.

Strawberry Waffles - PhDBaker

That just didn’t feel quite right, in the PhD kitchen and household we are always dreaming up new combinations and crazy ideas. I love my tried and true favourites but there is nothing like the excited nervous wait as you try something that sounds delicious but could equally flop. Adding fresh fruit to what is essentially a choux pastry seemed like the worst idea ever to be honest. You try to cook as much liquid out of the batter before you add the eggs, it is a temperamental dough that needs just the right amount of egg white to give a light fluffy interior but still get the outer crunch of the shell. However three containers of the most beautiful strawberries were sitting on the bench and they didn’t just want to be sliced on top of a plain waffle, they didn’t want to be turned into a syrup to be poured on the waffle. no they wanted to be slowly cooked in the waffle iron turning into little pockets of sweetness. I had to try it.

Would the waffles just flop and go mushy in the middle? Would they not get that beautiful crisp shell that I have come to love? Would I regret using 5 eggs and half a punnet of strawberries on a breakfast fail?

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Churro waffle ice cream sandwiches

Doughnuts and ice cream, it’s kind of a dream come true. Churros are some of the easiest doughnuts to make. No need to let them rise, you can pipe them straight out of a piping bag and into the hot oil and be enjoying crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside cinnamony goodness a few minutes later.

No need to deep fry these doughnuts, we are breaking out the waffle iron again.

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Cheesey, Bacon Mashed Potato Dinner Waffles

Breakfast for dinner is such a comforting thing. That has always been the special treat my Dad would make when he was in charge of dinner.

Dr B often shakes his head at me when I suggest pancakes or waffles for dinner! Thank goodness for Joy the Baker. She came up with cheese and chive mashed potato waffles. From the first time I made my own I was in love. They are so soft and fluffy on the inside and you can make so many tasty additions.

Today I will share the cheesey, bacon, sweet potato and potato waffles.

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